Washington State legalized "fresh goo" liquefaction of corpses


Washington State legalized “flesh goo” liquefaction of human corpses one year before activating COVID concentration camps that will target unvaxxed conservatives with “strike team” operations… efficient, stealth disposal of bodies now perfected Thursday, January 13, 2022 by: Mike Adams Tags: alkaline hydrolysis, biological warfare, Biosludge, Biosludged, bioweapons, corpses, covid camps, death camps, democide, depopulation, evil, flesh goo, genocide, Holocaust, mass murder, pandemic, sewage, spike proteins, strike forces, strike team, Twisted, vaccines, Washington state (Natural News) The State of Washington legalized the liquefaction and disposal of human corpses just one year before the state activated covid concentration camps, providing for an efficient, stealth mechanism for mass disposal of human corpses. This is a fact. No one can shoot this down with a fake “fact check,” so they simply try to censor the conversation and hope no one is paying attention. Washington’s legalization of this “flesh goo” mechanism for liquefying human corpses — known as “alkaline hydrolysis” — went into effect on May 1, 2020. The law is RCW 68.50.110 and the passage refers to “alkaline hydrolysis” as the new, legal means to dispose of human corpses. In just the last two years, there has been an aggressive push by several US states to legalize this corpse disposal process, which uses lye (caustic soda) mixed with water to dissolve human bodies into a “flesh goo” which is then flushed into the municipal sewage system. To date, 20 US states have legalized this process. Those states, as documented by Nolo.com, include Oregon, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada and many others. Once the “flesh goo” is flushed into the sewers, it is collected as “biosludge” and distributed on orchards and food farms where it is claimed to be a source of “free fertilizer” for farmers. In America today, governments are quite literally dissolving dead human corpses and spreading the flesh goo on food farms to feed the living. This practice of biosludge is documented in my earlier film Biosludged which is available on Brighteon.com as well as a free download from Biosludged.com. The film interviews Dr. David Lewis, former EPA scientist and author of “Science For Sale.” Dr. Lewis blew the whistle on this practice years ago and saw his career destroyed by the EPA. Dr. David Lewis warned in the film that this practice of biosludge distribution on food farms could be used to distribute biological weapons and carry out a nationwide bioterrorism attack on America. Deadly viruses are deliberately spread on food crops with the help of cities via the biosludge process, and all a terrorist needs to do is flush biological weapons down the toilet to make this happen. The city does all the work! Here’s the trailer for Biosludged: You can download the entire movie from Biosludged.com and post it to your own channels or platforms, by the way. Washington State legalizes the liquefaction of human corpses, then launches covid concentration camps with “strike team” operations The legalization of “flesh goo” human liquefaction practices has accelerated after the creation of the Biosludged film. In 2020, after the covid pandemic exploded, Washington State legalized the practice as it began the launch its plans to build covid concentration camps run by “strike team” operators. Natural News covered the story in September of 2021, documenting Gov. Inslee’s regime efforts to publicly advertise for “strike team” job positions as they were staffing up the covid concentration camps. Here’s a screen shot of the GovernmentJobs.com help wanted listing: