Schwab running Canada's Trudeau government, media

In Canada, the CBC, CTV obey Schwab dictates

Evan Solomon at CTV mentions that the Freedom Convoy has declared accusingly that the government will be overthrown. No physical mention was made — only that a strong protest would gain Canadian support for it to happen peacefully. Something that may happen as the prime minister left the capital to hide 3,000 miles away on Vancouver Island to surf insulting the protesters as fringe terrorists and violent.

Solomon's CTV news program allows many guests to defame the Freedom Convoy as nazis, racists, extremists while not dealing with the millions of Freedom Convoy supporters across Canada.

Former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress -- hater Bernie Farber displayed his hate toward Canadians flying the Canadian maple flag and singing O Canada --- extended his own statements against the millions of protesters as nazis, racists, extremists. For some time I’ve been hit by the premonition that zionists hate the Canadian flag. It has actually happened.

Actually, it is understood that a masked zionist obviously posed into the crowd with a photographer behind him. His face was covered including giant sunglasses and failed to intersperse with any Canadian carrying Canadian flags.

For some time the protesters have chased out the two people with a swastika flag. Facts are that the Freedom Convoy was welcomed for thousands of miles across Canada by jubilant Canadians at overpasses waving Canadian flags and sometimes with giant flags festooned with ‘F-ck Turdeau flags.

False charges were reported that the statue of Terry Fox was defaced. Fox who died protesting while walking his way west using one false leg for cancer research had a Canadian flag placed on his statue shoulders as one who would join the protest. There was no desecrating only the honour of preferring a Canadian flag. Solomon allowed these false charge to continue for daily mention by his guests chosen to deliver just that.

The leader of the Conservative Party was forced to resign because he flip-flopped on supporting the Canadian Flag supporters. He followed this by performing more Schwab type lying media propaganda. Canada’s CBC received 600 million in grants from the Turdeau government. A report came in that Turdeau met with Klaus Schwab Jan. 24. Schwab actually brags about directing Turdeau's leadership of Canada including cabinet ministers around the world. Turdeau has been hiding out on Vancouver Island's Tofino saying he would only meet with Black Lives Matter and not with Canadian protesters driven from coast to coast and blocking government capitals in several provinces.

Another one of Solomon’s guest suggested that the U.S. radio guest Joe Rogan was wrongly suggesting Ivermectin as a problem when as readers know it has been recognized by the medial profession for decades and is smuggled into hospitals to cure relatives. This was further proof of the Schwab backing for the privilege to install the gene-destroying clot-shots world-wide for a virus they cannot identify.

Vaccine-AIDS or VAIDS the false-vaccine created for lowering of immune systems is a proven mass murder system again backed by Schwab’s milieu. Schwab, son of a Rothschild woman brags that he is able to be involved in many government leaders including members of their government cabinets.

Because Schwab is accredited for this evil anti-Canadian democracy move we do not credit lightweight Castro bastard Trudeau as being personally capable of anything. There has never been such a large gathering in Canadian history as this h ighly jubilant Canadian “fringe” group gathers with its own fireworks.

Trudea îs so out-of-it that he believe the CBC and CTV networks that there were extremists and racists present. The convoy is joined by Canadian Indians, an Indian from India. Very high spirits are shown across Canada and a number of provincial leaders have now promised to stop all covid-19 reservations and passports and fines.

As I write this more provincial capitals are being joined by truckers and farmer protesters from across Canada.

At Toronto Street News we know how deeply involved these facts are proven when it is allowed for us to have suffered six terrorist attacks that have never been investigated. Our three staff and informants were each burnt out of their homes, my car was blown up and two attempts on my life were made when the same red Mini with white top tried to ram me at high speed on the expressway and even once more on foot at my bank that escaped when it followed me into its bank parking lot.