Police State Canada

Canadian lawyer comments:


“You may disagree with the convoy. You may rightly recognize that some of the people involved in the convoy are distasteful or worse.

You may not like Tamara Lich. She may actually be guilty of counselling mischief -- but that hasn’t been proven in court.

But you should still be worried that Tamara Lich isn’t being treated fairly by the courts. And you have to ask why?

When in Canadian history has anyone been kept in jail indefinitely before a trial for mischief? And in this case, she has only been charged with counselling mischief not actually doing any mischief herself.

I did some criminal defense law for many years. I have seen some very nasty, very dangerous people released on bail for serious violent offenses. I can’t remember seeing a normal person with no criminal background kept in jail pending trial on what are obviously minor charges.

Tamara doesn’t own a rig. She doesn't have an air horn to honk. She got a lift to Ottawa with an actual trucker. She seemed eager to get there to express the frustrations that many Albertans share.

At the beginning of the trip, Lich started a GoFundMe campaign for the convoy. It went "viral" and it captured the imagination and the donations of more Canadians than donate to any political party in any year.

As near as I can tell, that's Lich’s real crime. She is in jail because she became the viral financial symbol of the anger of millions of Canadians.

I don’t know Tamara Lich. But I do know a few trusted Albertans who have known her for years. They all say she is pretty much a normal Albertan. Five foot one. Metis. Motherly worry-about-other-people, salt of the earth type. They say she has strong political passions but not much actual political experience or political sophistication.

I have listened to interviews with accountants or lawyers who tried to help some of the normal people involved in the “tiger-by-the-tail” that was the convoy. They make it clear that Lich was working hard to follow the rules on dealing with the money.

By the way, almost none of those millions raised ever got to the truckers, the banks and the government stopped them. All that money is still frozen by a court order. Held for the possible benefit of the people and the lawyers doing a class action suit against the truckers. Lich can’t return the money to donors. She can’t even use it to defend herself.

How Tamara Lich is being treated is not normal under Canadian law.

Every Canadian should be worried. Worried that someone with no criminal history, who isn’t a flight risk, is being kept in jail for minor charges in a non-violent crime, for what appear to be political reasons.

Every Canadian who cares deeply about any political issue should be worried.

Every Canadian who might someday have that one protest idea that unexpectedly “goes viral,” should be deeply concerned about this very bad precedent.”