Hon. Paul Hellyer has passed away


The Hon. Paul Hellyer has passed away.

Following local pressure Paul unfortunately died as a result of accepting a 'kill shot' vaccine.

His death followed the vaccine shot when he collapsed and injured his head on the concrete of his underground parking lot floor. He spent fur weeks in hospital but passed away on his living room hospital bed briefly regaining consciousness.

His record as defence minister in Canada led to his further research on the existence of UFOs.

He witnessed a UFO himself at his Muskoka cottage and has been featured in numerous documentaries wherein he explained his extensive researches and made personal experiences.

His books included The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis.

Canada's CBC has refused to report Hellyer's passing in spite of numerous enquiries to CBC emails and phone numbers.

It is understood that the evil powers in Canada responsible for six terror attacks against Toronto Street News www.torontostnews.com continue the suppression of news by honest truth tellers.

The CBC has been seriously compromised by the individuals who slant and suppress such news on a daily basis.