Genuine Neturei Karta Jews support Palestinians

A rally and march took plae in New York City, yesterday, Tuesday March 30, to commemorate the Palestinian Land Day. The rally was organized by Within our Lifetime, United for Palestine and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network. Among many participants, a group of religious Jews from Neturei Karta International were present. The rally started in front of the offices of the Friends of the IDF in Manhattan and marched to New York City Penn Station. In an interview, Rabbi Dovid Feldman said: "Today is Land Day, commemorated by the Palestinian people because of one of the incidents which happened to the Palestinian people throughout the history of these decades of this Zionist occupation in Palestine. We are standing here in front of the offices of the Friends of the IDF because we are upset as people from the United States, from New York, and myself and my group here as Jewish people - we are upset about what is happening in Palestine already for decades. We are so upset about what the IDF is doing, about what the Friends of the IDF are funding. Because we realize that what is happening is wrong. Because we realize that this is criminal. And on top of this it is against our religion, because this whole concept of Jewish nationalism happens to be in total contradiction to Jewish teachings. This was never accepted for the past 2000 years, among serious Jewish people. This is a new concept which has violated the Jewish religion and at the same time oppressed so many people. And as Jewish people let me say, in the name of so many other Jewish people behind me here at this rally and in the United States and worldwide: we are embarrassed that all of this is happening supposedly in our name, in the name of the Jewish people. The state of Israel is not a Jewish state, should never be considered a Jewish state, and should never be legitimized in any way because they call it “the Jewish state”. It is a criminal state. It's an anti-Jewish state. It's against Judaism, against humanity. The Jewish leaders from the very beginning opposed it, masses of Jewish people and their leadership still oppose it to the present day. Sadly, all of this is happening supposedly in my name and in the name of my people. I am standing here in public making this statement saying, no, this is not Judaism. This is not the representation of Judaism. One of our banners says, “The state of Israel does not represent world Jewry”. And that's an important point. But I want to make very clear it's not only Land Day that is the issue. It's not only a part of the occupation that is the issue. It is the entire occupation is totally wrong. It's wrong according to international law. It's a wrong being done to the Palestinian people. And it's a violation of Judaism". In a speech addressing the public, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss said: "Zionism is a transformation of Judaism from subservience to God, from the acceptance of the Jewish religion to a simple material, political selfish movement. There is no other translation of this movement of Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel. There is no other meaning to it. We will not accept it." "Zionism is a move, a creation of a political, selfish movement that started a little over a hundred years ago. And they are using and abusing God's people and our religion to intimidate and to stifle and silence the voice of the human rights activists and people who will not accept the occupation of innocent people - that is why they are using my identity, and we will not be silent." "There's no question about coexistence. Many of these young Jewish people here are children and grandchildren of the people who lived in Palestine. And we have many people who can attest, both from the Jewish community and the Palestinian community, the Arab Palestinian community, who can attest to this coexistence before there was a concept of human rights activists to watch human rights, because it was never necessary. It was the simple coexistence of God's creations together." "In the occupied lands of Palestine, the Jewish brothers and sisters are beaten daily and they are arrested and they are treated like animals. That's what they do with my brothers and sisters because they refuse to accept the occupation and they simply stand on the street. You can't accuse them of being terrorists. They don't have guns, yet they beat them. They arrest them. They refuse to accept the Zionist control of Palestine. We, the people of the Torah, our religion, because we are Jews, refuse to accept the occupation over even one inch of that Holy Land."