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Jeffrey Epstein the Pedophile Superspy!

Eptein's ties to the CIA and Mossad go mainstream

Liz Crokin For many years the majority of the media has failed to expose Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to the intelligence community or entertain the idea that his trafficking network may have been a blackmail operation for clandestine agencies despite overwhelming evidence suggesting that’s exactly what it was. However, now these topics are slowly going mainstream, particularly, Epstein’s ties to the CIA and Mossad. Joe Rogan talked about this on his show recently, and the new docu-series Victoria’s Secret: Angels & Demons also dabbled into this topic. So let’s take a deeper dive down this spy thriller rabbit hole. Liz Crokin Report is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. Subscribe “Whoever was running it, whether it was Mossad, or whether it was the CIA, or whether it was a combination of both, it was an intelligence operation,” Rogan said on The Joe Rogan Experience. There’s a lot of open source information suggesting the latter of Rogan’s statement is true, that both the CIA and Mossad were involved in Epstein’s operation. There’s been many people who have come forward over the years stating that Epstein ran a blackmail operation. For example, John Dougan, who served as deputy sheriff in Palm Beach, Florida at the time Epstein was in prison for his first slew of child sex offenses, claims he was given access to Epstein's case file - including video tapes - in it’s entirety by Palm Beach Police Detective Joseph Recarey, who later died unexpectedly at age 50. Dougan allegedly copied the tapes, encrypted them and then fled to Russia. Dougan said he is certain those tapes contain blackmail material involving wealthy people - and that Prince Andrew was a target. “Do I think that Epstein was probably put up to getting some wealthy people to sleep with some underage women so those people could be blackmailed by Western intelligence agencies? Absolutely I do,” Dougan said according to The Sun. Several Epstein victims and associates have also confirmed that everything was recorded at his many residences. Maria Farmer said Epstein’s home was under constant TV surveillance, and that he had a secret room filled with TV monitors. Farmer said the surveillance was so extensive that Epstein even had cameras filming in every bedroom and even the bathrooms filming the toilet. “There were monitors inside this cabinet and there were men sitting here and I looked on the cameras and I saw toilet, bed, bed, toilet, bed,” Farmer recollected according to the New York Post. The Pepe Lives Matter Substack did a great piece, Lex Wexner: The Third Epstein Co-Conspirator, detailing how Epstein, funded by Wexner, was running a blackmail operation for the CIA and Mossad. The article also points out how Jesse Watters’ recently did a piece on The Jesse Watters Show hinting that a third Epstein co-conspirator will be exposed. This is highly likely considering the investigation into Epstein’s operation is still open and ongoing, and the theory that Wexner will be the next co-conspirator to face justice is plausible for multiple reasons. For instance, Wexner gave Epstein full power of attorney, he funded his homes and his private plane among other things and Epstein even had his own home on Wexner’s gated property where his main residence is located. Time will tell if law enforcement takes action on Wexner, but for now, let’s look at the ties between him and Epstein and the U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies. Angels & Demons dropped some important information on Epstein’s ties to the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. It highlighted that Epstein and Wexner operated in a world of wealthy men who were staunch actors of Israel with rumored connections to Mossad. It mentioned that Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert, was connected to Israeli intelligence. The series also features Victoria’s Secret former employee, Sara Zofko, who said Wexner was very involved in Israel. Interestingly, she stated that post-911 Wexner would show up to work with a bulletproof vest on and a big security team. At the time, Victoria’s Secret staff were told it was because of his ties to Israel. Furthermore, Wexner married, Abigail Koppel, who is the daughter of, Yehuda Koppel, who helped establish the state of Israel. Wexner gave a lot of money to Israel through charities, and it was Epstein who was moving his money around in the background. The discussion on Epstein’s ties to Mossad may be going mainstream now; however, his links to the intelligence agency has been no secret for a very long time. In fact, Epstein was so brazen that he often boasted about his work for Mossad. Steven Hoffenberg, a former “mentor” of Epstein, said in an interview that Epstein would brag to his friends that he was selling Prince Andrew’s secrets to Mossad, and he referred to Andrew as the “Super Bowl” trophy. Hoffenberg also confirmed everything was recorded at his parties so that Epstein could use it for some kind of financial gain, and also so he could give the tapes to Mossad. “They created the plan of installing the honeypot camera, and had taken over the house in Manhattan to blackmail politicians,” Hoffenberg said according to The Sun. “He then took over the house in Florida and put in cameras. The cameras were to record rapes, it wasn’t just about gathering intelligence but compromising politicians.” Former alleged Mossad spy, Ari Ben-Menashe, wrote an entire book on Ghislaine’s father titled Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy. Ben-Menashe has long claimed that Robert and Ghislaine worked for Israeli intelligence. Ben-Menashe insists that Robert introduced Epstein to Ghislaine. “It was Robert who introduced Epstein to Ghislaine in the 80’s,” Ben-Menashe said in an interview with RT. Ben-Menashe also insists that Epstein ran his blackmail operation for Mossad. “It became an intelligence operation to entrap different politicians around the world,” Ben-Menashe said. Ben-Menashe named Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister of Israel, as someone who was most likely part of Epstein’s operation as well. “Ehud was at some point head of military intelligence in Israel and he was apparently very friendly with Epstein, so he probably would’ve known about it,” Ben-Menashe said. “Maxwell was working for Israel; Epstein was working for Robert at the time.” It’s likely that Barak was not only aware of Epstein’s operation, but also an active player in it. Barak frequently visited Epstein in New York and during extended stays he would take residence at Epstein’s Sixty-Sixth Street apartments in Manhattan. Barak tried to claim he never socialized with Epstein or his girls; however, in 2019 photos emerged of him hiding his face as he entered Epstein’s NYC home back in 2016 with a bevy of young women. It should also be noted, that Jean Luc-Brunel, who was an alleged co-conspirator for Epstein, was photographed on Epstein’s island wearing an “Israel Army” cap. Brunel was arrested in 2020 on suspicion for trafficking underage girls for Epstein. Unfortunately, he met the same suspicious fate as Epstein. Brunel was found dead by alleged suicide in a Paris, France prison in 2022. . Epstein also had ties to the CIA, and Angels & Demons did brush over this topic. The docu-series mentioned that Wexner helped relocate Southern Air Transport; an airline company that was owned by the CIA involved in Iran Contra. The docu-series also exposed that Epstein would brag about his connections to the CIA and noted that Epstein visited the White House under Clinton 17 times. Twelve of those visits happened in 1994, the year before Wexner helped relocate Southern Air Transport from Miami, Florida to Columbus, Ohio. In my research, one of the most stunning links I’ve discovered between Epstein and the CIA was in Bradley Edwards’ book Relentless Pursuit. Edwards is an attorney who represented many of Epstein’s victims. In Edwards’ book he claimed that while Epstein was serving his first jail sentence in 2006, he sent his bodyguard to CIA headquarters in Virginia for a special training course. “I didn’t know why I was there, but he told me they would take care of me. I attended a class for a week. At the beginning of the class, everyone had to introduce themselves. There were forty-five people. Forty-four people were in the CIA or some other government unit with top-secret clearance. I was the only private citizen. Everyone introduced themselves and the instructor saved me for last. He did not let me introduce myself. Instead, he just introduced me as what he called a ‘special operative’.” Epstein’s bodyguard said he attended the CIA classes for the week before he was given a book with a personalized note that he was instructed to deliver to Epstein. The bodyguard claimed he delivered the book to Epstein’s jail cell without reading the message inside. Epstein’s close ties with the government extend beyond the intelligence community. Epstein actually rented a New York City mansion from the State Department. His lease began under George H.W. Bush’s Administration and lasted throughout Bill Clinton’s first term. Furthermore, Epstein sub-leased to, Ivan Fisher, who was the criminal defense lawyer who famously represented members of the Pizza Connection drug rings. The Pizza Connection was a Mafia ring that laundered money and drugs using pizza parlors as front in the 80’s. This is noteworthy since “pizza” is a pedophile code word that has been identified by law enforcement. It’s not far-fetched to conclude that criminals also use pizza parlors for a sex trafficking front in addition to money laundering and drug trafficking. Also, it was reported in 2011 that the CIA has used the word “pizza” as code as well. Hezbollah operatives figured out that CIA informants who had infiltrated the Iranian proxy group were meeting with their agency handlers at a Beirut Pizza Hut. How could Hezbollah deduce that location? "The CIA used the codeword 'pizza' when discussing where to meet with the agents," according to Wired. Screenshot from an episode of Johnny Test cartoon s aired in 2005. The connections between Epstein and the government and the intelligence community are undeniable. The Epstein iceberg is the biggest story of our lifetime, and every media outlet should be covering this story around-the-clock and asking questions about his ties to the CIA and Mossad. Instead, they largely remain silent on this topic, and everyone should be asking why that is and demand answers. There’s no question the media has only scratched the surface of this multi-layered iceberg of criminality; however, at some point, everything beneath the water will eventually come to light. How to support Liz and her work: - You can donate to my legal/medical fund here. - Please follow me @lizcrokin on Truth Social. - Please subscribe to my Rumble channel here. - New site and store coming soon!