CSIS & Bob Rae: Did they try to kill me?

from Victor Fletcher

My six terror incidents that my paper and I survived involve top government security bodies in Canada.

The Toronto Street News 1999-2017 has en enemy false website that uses the full word ‘street’ in its title whereas my real website contracts the word street to just ‘st’ in its website title: www.torontostnews.com

My two workers were each burnt out of their homes, my informant was burnt out of his home, my car was blown up (almost me with it) and two attempts were made on my life.

The car was blown up within 3 days of my headline: “Bob Rae-Cohen: Confirm or Deny”. I described how Bob Rae-Cohen hired criminal Maurice Strong to take control of Toronto Hydro. He fired the best brains and laid off tons of lines-men workers in order to say it was too complicated for a government therefore had to be sold -- only sold to Texas criminal Enron whose CEOs went to jail.

Rae was helped to become interim leader of the Liberal Party when his sister had sex with Pierre Trudeau. She bragged about this to my partner when we produced election material for Rae. It was confirmed when Rae referred to my report as “smutty”. So, who was smutty please tell me Bob?

Strong involved himself in financial scams in the U.S. and had to seek protection in China where he was able to post flowers at his aunt’s mausoleum there -- an acquaintance of Chairman Mao himself.

Rae-Cohen then incurred a five billion dollar deficit so he went to his zionist pals who were bankers in New York instead of any honest Canadian bank. New York bankers loaned him the five billion -- what could be a safer loan than the province of Ontario. Question is how many perhaps five million was paid to Rae-Cohen for landing this large financial loan that required no security checks.

Ontario Hydro under Strong bought a forest in central America for what reason?

When I complained to Canada’s CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) as to why my fix terror incidents were not investigated they told me I had to report to local police. I told them I did report it and Toronto police dropped their notebooks and ran away when I informed of them my suspicions.Consequently Bob Rae-Cohen became an official in CSIS itself after being Ontario’s premier.

I could go on with more but I leave off here.

-- Victor Fletcher / www.torontostnews.com