3.7% covid-19 vaccinated victims get myocarditis

Two Horrible COVID Shot Statistics You Won’t Be Able To Unsee By US Politics And News Last updated Aug 4, 2022


August should be an earth-shaking time in terms of the COVID narrative. The vital health statistics for 2021 will finally be published by the CDC. We’re going to learn a lot when those numbers come out. How bad is the myocarditis spike in Americans, particularly among teenage boys? How much will the birth rate have plunged compared to 2020 among vaccinated people? How much have cancer rates increased since the rollout of the COVID shots? We’ll begin to learn the answers to those questions, and the public is likely to be unhappy about those answers. In the meantime, we have two new statistics about the harm that the shots are causing in other countries. These numbers will likely foreshadow what we’re going to learn this month. How To Use Your Socks To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus First, Steve Kirsch paid for a nationwide survey on vaccine injuries, specifically myocarditis. A couple of years ago, none of us had even heard of this rare heart condition. Everyone has heard of myocarditis by now, and most of us have a good understanding of how harmful the condition is. The CDC continues to tell us that myocarditis is an extremely rare reaction to the COVID shots. The age group most likely to be affected is 12 to 17-year-old boys. The CDC says there are 69 incidents of myocarditis for every 1 million second doses administered. 7 out of 100,000 if those figures are easier to wrap your head around. But that’s not the case at all according to the survey Kirsch commissioned. Americans responded to the survey, and it revealed that 3.7 cases of myocarditis are occurring for every 100 people vaccinated. 3.7 percent! That’s nearly 1 out of every 25 vaccinated people who now have a permanent heart injury. Kirsch notes that this is 536 times higher than the highest estimate that the CDC has publicly admitted. The next statistic – and actually there are two of them – has to do with plummeting birth rates in post-vaccinated countries. National birth rates are fairly stable as long as your country doesn’t get into a major war or something similarly catastrophic. Birth rates don’t fluctuate very much over a ten-year period if you have a stable and healthy population. We know that birth rates have been declining across much of the Western world for the past 20 years, but it’s been a slow creep and not rapid, precipitous decline. Until now. Germany has experienced a 13% drop in its national birth rate between May of 2021 and May of 2022. Germany has vaccinated 75% of their adult population. It’s even worse in Taiwan. They’ve experienced a 23% birth rate decline since 91% of their population got vaccinated last September. These numbers are staggering to even thing about. 13% in Germany is horrible, but 23% in Taiwan is nation-destroying if it continues. If 1 in 5 people are being sterilized by the COVID shots – which is what would need to happen to hit a 23% decline in the birth rate – then they won’t have enough population in 20 years to sustain their current government. There won’t be enough taxpayers, earners, or government funding for the nation of Taiwan to survive. Germany won’t fare much better if 13% of their population is permanently sterilized. This type of decline in birth rates is potentially so destabilizing that it makes you wonder if something else is at work here. We know that the globalists running the Big Pharma vaccine companies are all de-populationists who think it’s their job to rid the world of a bunch of people. But not every nation has been on board with using the mRNA shots. China, Russia, India and a few other countries have opted to try to make real vaccines with dead coronavirus cells. (Which used to be known as “epidemiology.”) These other countries have denied Pfizer and Moderna the opportunity to use their fertility-destroying shots. They’re not going to see the destabilizing birth rate collapses those other countries are going to be experiencing in a few years. What we don’t know yet is just how bad these vital statistics are going to be here in America, as a result of Joe Biden’s illegal vaccine mandates. But we’re about to find out in August. Buckle up.