Extreme Critical Transition: 2020

This time, the Toronto Street News and its partner website www.vixpredictor.com predicted the market crash of Feb. 23. The markets were in a bubble because the 'Fed' was propping up banks referred to as a 'repo' situation when banks fail to borrow from each other without charging each other 10% for a week's period. Desperate, the Fed announced a TRILLION dollars would be inserted into the market (banks?) DAILY until the end of March.

Two years ago, Trump accepted his Goldman Sachs' cabinet minister Gary Cohn's resignation because Cohn and Goldman Sachs' CEO Blancfein were involved in far-ranging billion dollar frauds against Malaysia. Goldman Sachs helped bring down PM Mahathir Mohammad who had exposed the Khazarians running Israel as the source of world evils. 93 year old Mohammad was finally re-elected to make Goldman Sachs to pay seven billion dollar for damages and fraud. The Israel central bank is on Rothchild Boulevard. Further rot was exposed when a U.S. senator warned his senator colleagues to sell their stocks immediately prior to the crash. Senator insider trading is legal but not moral when such highly significant information is kept secret from the public.

Recent years saw banks enjoying the institutionalized practice of repeatedly paying single billion dollar fines for multi-billion dollar frauds, drug money laundering, extortion, etc. In 18 months, international banks laid off more than 100,000 employees (Deutchbank 30,000, HSBC 18,000, etc) and closed thousands of branches well before the crash. HSBC sold four billion in assets and Disneyland CEO Iger resigned abruptly days before the crash. Significance of these facts was suppressed by major media pundits under New World Order controls. Our small Toronto Street News was burnt out four times for reporting financial news of this fact with other independent individuals forced to disappear. Repeated attempts were made on my life as well.

Photo by Toronto Street News in Toronto

The original Jewish community of Palestine known as the Neturei Karta are confirmed and identified by DNA testing to be Jewish. DNA testing of Khazarians posing as Jews invading Palestine has been documented. A New York video showed a rabbi challenging a Wall Street Khazarian by saying, "You don't look Jewish". Neturei Karta refers to 'Israel' in quotes because the Messiah has not arrived. A Neturei Karta video shows them burning the 'Israel' flag. A Neturei Karta compound in New York State then suffered an arson attack. The expected fire trucks were diverted to two false fire alarms and when they turned around to attend the real fire, their route was blocked. A Mossad operation?Photo by EditorRabbi Weiss insisted on taking a photo with myself while identifying himself by a placard on his chest: 'A Jew, not a zionist' when I joined him in his Neturei Karta Toronto protest against Netanyaho speech making.

So, the Fed installed in the banks (JP Morgan, etc.) tens of billions to keep them afloat on a daily basis. This was only the beginning as this turned into trillions of invented pixel dollars. Previous currencies were in the form of gold, silver, paper cash, then plastic...and now just computer pixels remain.A major falsehood claimed that inflation was limited to 2% while actual inflation rate is understood to be closer to 8%. This puts the lie to the New York Stock Exchange 'bubble' which actually shrinks in real value for years...as it becomes more expensive for people to live in real terms.

1. We knew the economic success was a lie because too many people were surviving on low-paying part-time jobs just to eat -- unable to procreate as a family unit. Males were committing suicide through dugs, etc.

2. The CNBC stocks channel suddenly suppressed reporting its VIX (volatility index) lowest numbers in years because no one could afford to buy stocks. That was another statistic supressed by media.

3. The largest purchasers of stocks were only corporations as they were able to borrow trillions at low interest -- not because they were making significant profits. Only 15% of individuals are able to buy stocks.

4. CEOs directed corporations to buy their own shares to maintain share prices only for their own personal sake. These share prices maintained under false reasons benefitted CEOs with huge bonuses. CEO insider traders then sold their bonus shares given to them at 50% discounts because they knew the share prices were bogus with no actual growth or dividends in sight.

5. The second largest group of stock purchasers were central banks themselves beginning with the Fed which joined two other central banks to buy only 'safe' stocks like Apple. The Swiss Central Bank purchased $85 billion in just one year. When the two Central Banks themselves were shown to be artificially propping up the markets, the Central Bank of Japan joined in to also purchase this handful of 'safe' stocks.These 'safe' stocks known as the 'FAANG' (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) were not indications of actual industrial growth because they did create any real job growth... only internet profits for themselves. Apple imports Chinese products, Amazon pays minimum wage jobs only...while small retailers go out of business. Walmart, Amazon and Costco become the sole retailers with most smaller retailers going bankrupt.

Finally, on a Thursday and Friday, February 20-21, the market price started to slip. On Feb. 23, we felt it was time to finally call for the impending crash. The very next day, the crash began. Today, March 18, the New York Stock Exchange announced open market trading on the floor would be closed on March 23... except for electronic trading.

The global economic crisis news has been delivered with the aid of dishonest corrupted media and reporters controlled by these same powers. The CoVid pandemic triggered the pending economic market disaster. This virus appears to be an actual planned event reminiscent of the 1918-1920 flu. That huge tragedy was misnamed the 'Spanish Flu' only because it was Spanish doctors who identified it. It actually came from a U.S. army post in WW1. As early as the Boer War in South Africa in the 1890s, the British used vaccines as research weapons in the terrible Boer concentration camps. Global crisis brings global cashless standards.

This time world events are going to change like never before

Astrologers and remote viewers consider the future to be a shocking replacement of economic systems without old forms of obvious top-down control. Instead, the imposition of AI -- Artificial Intelligence -- will occur and elections will disappear as will national borders which will be replaced by so-called global 'experts' already having put the United Nations Agenda 21 (21st Century) policies in place…as has already been done in single-party Communist China. Trump's cabinet minister Mnuchin replaced corrupted Rothchild's Goldman Sachs banker Cohn. Mnuchin's billions appeared when he solved the banks' mortgage problems. He did it by letting him take over the mortgages so he couldPastd foreclose on tens of thousands of homes. under the ARM system -- Adjusted Rate Mortgages — which permitted banks to increase the interest rates and payments from 2% to 8% after just two years. A black postal worker lost her home when her mortgage went from $800 to $1300 a month. The bank took her home by foreclosure and sold it. The bank told her prices would rise but housing prices dove. Consequently, Mnuchin became aware of the unreality in the market and was against digital or Bitcoin currency emergence. He just recently reversed himself to appoint a digital currency executive to head the 1883 Currency Post of the United States. Hence, the long awaited digital currency 'reset' is imminent which is what the Rothchilds wanted all along.

Some pretty incredible information by remote viewers points to the past three, and current, Catholic Church Popes and other world leaders as being under the influence of aliens. World strife involving wars, environmental pollution, media dishonesty, big pharma troubles, etc are anti-human...and should no longer exist in this day and age.

Astrologers see the Age of Aquarius being implemented with the obvious mass mind-control takeover and obsession with the internet. They predict an economic change whereby the old-style coal mining, oil wells and fat-producing empires expire and are replaced by electronic, free-energy systems. This new 'matrix' will be empty of human emotion…just like China's Social Credit system…which is completely capable of denying your basic rights if you should so much as jaywalk across the street. This is all according to Chinese AI orders.

The ongoing global imposition of 100,000 5G, 6G and 7G satellites will all be capable of targeting and controlling individuals virtually anywhere on the planet. They will also utilize wicked things such as mind control, organ destruction, and Alzheimers which will appear to be just an unfortunate accepted reality...as there is no official resistance to the Targeted Individual phenomenon. Such targeted citizens are the experimental victims of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). The UN currently pretends to investigate what it refers to as 'electronic torture' but nothing ever gets done. TIs suffer documented experimental mind-control, organ failure, knee failures, gang stalking, implants, and all manner of mind control as is witnessed and reported on sites like Citizens Against Harmful Technology. Victims who suffered such brain injury in Cuba's diplomatic capitol are ignored in the media as being of no significance.

We have personally known and/or communicated daily with a handful of very intelligent Targeted Individuals the past 20 years.

Elon Musk and others plan to make us into 'cyborgs' -- joining our brains with computers -- computers that will entrain us. Scientist are hard at work on creating artificial wombs and human emotion and sentiment are quickly becoming non-existent. The Rothschild Khazarian agent, former Mayor Bloomberg, who just spent $500 million to buy the Democrat presidential primary leadership position - and failed - once told one of his employeee to just 'kill it' when she said she was pregnant. US sperm counts are reduced through big pharma and other high tech and environment programs…and are now at their lowest levels ever.

With the Rothschild Khazarians controlling 95% of all central banks, this vicious coronavirus will permit the installation of international digital currency...only. Without physical cash, the banks can delete your financial account in a micro-second...all aided by improved Technological Targeting of Masses -- not merely of individuals.

What can be done to stop this blank non-human future?Of course, Russia is routinely blamed for problems it does not create because Russians resist the Rothschild entity. When Putin told them they would be completely paid off with gold, the Rothschilds rejected payment. So, the Putin gang essentially said "Okay, but you'll either take gold or you'll take payment in lead."

Psychic Edgar Cayce said in the 1930s that Russia would eventually survive with a spiritual religious theme. In fact, during one of his readings he said that 'Russia will be the light unto the world.' Putin supports the family unit and buys gold after selling all of Russia's U.S. bonds. He has aided in the creation of churches and opposes child sex relations. Will assassins finally be successful after their many attempts on Putin's life which have been suppressed by our corrupted media? Only time will tell.