Overdue Stocks Crash Finally Triggered by Coronavirus; NYSE down 2,000+

Feb. 23: Successful market collapse prediction on March 22 -- on Feb. 26 NYSE down 2,000+

Feb. 23: Saudi oil minister cut announcement, OPEC's New Moon astrology

technical knowledge understood here!!

NYSE crashed almost 1900 points Feb. 25

Feb. 11, 2020: Bitcoin made it to $10,329.56

A 42% profit call made here Nov. 25/2019.

This was an 8.2% profit call since Sept. 2019

Nov. 25, 2019: We predict a rise in Bitcoin currently at $7,248.72 -- buy now again!

Latest subscriber emails have been sent; we see Bitcoin volatility opportunity recurring as it will increase from its latest dip.

Recommending Bitcoin purchase now at $9500 Sept. 24/2019. Paid subscribers have been notified with further timing details.

We've advised only those who can afford to lose money -- to buy Bitcoin; on May 9 we bought into Bitcoin at $5800 -- today May 13 it jumped to $12,000. Subscribe: contact@vixpredictor.com

World economy undergoes discipline as U.S. deficit escalates. Investors pay attention to stable Bitcoin joined by institutions.

As predicted: gold finally rises 2019

OPEC/Putin New Moon Use of Astrology to control oil flow repeats Dec. 6/2018 as we also predicted two years ago when Putin associated with OPEC to see oil rise from $45 to $55 within two days.

Our previous predictions on OPEC oil price jumps stipulated the international nature of agreements at this time of year due to astrological influence. Again, this time Dec. 7 Russia and other non-OPEC nations joined to announce 800,000 barrels plus 400,000 per day cut for Russia and other non-OPEC nations. Oil jumped 3%+ Dec. 7 as we predicted an international cut was imminent to include Russia. OPEC use of astrology continues and those without knowledge of this science will continue to be "in the dark" regarding oil pricing/flow from OPEC and other nations.