Jewish anti-zionist hero rewarded by fellow anti-zionists after terror attack

Jewish man reworded for his Refusal to except Reword from Zionist Organizations

When Grafton Thomas invaded Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg’s house in Monsey, New York the Saturday night of Chanukah (December 28, 2019) wielding a machete and began slashing people, Joseph Gluck acted quickly. After helping a child escape out the back, he threw a table at the attacker, chased him out of the house, followed him as he escaped into his car and captured his license plate as he drove away.

Mr. Gluck gave the license number to the local police, who notified the police in New York City, who tracked Thomas’s car as it crossed the George Washington Bridge and arrested him soon afterward.

Mr. Gluck was offered a $20,000 award by the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Rockland and the Anti-Defamation League for giving the information that led to the arrest. However, after consulting with his rabbi, he turned it down and did not show up for the ceremony that was prepared on February 6th.

He felt that the Federation was planning to use him to promote the Zionist ideal of Jewish self-defense. Also, he refused to take anything from Zionist organizations, similar to the anti-Zionist schools in the State of Israel which refuse to accept government funding.

Glick, who did not carry any weapon, attributes his success that night to a miracle and the hand of G-d, rather than to his heroism. “If you would have asked me a day before if something like this is going to happen what are you going to do, I would say run for my life as far as I could. I would never imagine that I would be the one they call a hero to run and do what I did,” Gluck said. “I feel honored by G-d to even give me such merit to do this.”

In recognition of Gluck’s heroism in refusing the money, the New York community honored him with an equivalent reward. This took place at a gathering of anti-Zionist activists, on Thursday, February 13, 2020, in Brooklyn, NY, with the attendance of leading rabbis and community activists.

At another occasion Gluck was also presented with the New York State Senate Liberty Medal by State Sen. David Carlucci.