Solar Minimum: real cause of climate change -- not earthly polluters

Grand Solar Minimum Update - Herds Of Animals Being Put Down In WA State - No Hay For Them To Eat! No Insects Left To Pollinate The Grasses - Fukushima

From Spencer Feldman 11-23-19

Jeff - I thought you should see this Comment from an important video post...

"Today, my husband had to put down 42 of our animals because we are out of hay and we can not find hay to buy to feed them. All the hay providers are completely sold out of hay. Many people up here in the Highlands of Washington State are in the same predicament. Some are selling their animals off to feed lots ASAP. Some of are putting their herds down like us. Some of these animals are Beloved Pets. People with the equipment to hay the fields are not much better off. It has been so cold this past summer, the hay fields barely grew up enough to feed the animals through winter as there are less yields. First the animals run out of food, next will be the people. PREPARE as best as you can. This is all for real and it is here to stay. Thank you, Diamond, for all your informative videos warming us all what is coming. Thank you, so very much. Please keep going for as long as you can. God bless you and everyone out there."