Ukrainian Security Boss Admits Ukraine Shot Down MH-17, Planned Ethnic Genocide in Donbass

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Ed. note: Some intriguing revelations on MH-17 from a SBU Ukrainian Security Service agent in light of recent intensifying circumstances in Kiev.      Source: FRN   March 27, 2019

MOSCOW – Top ranking SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) agent in charge of the ATO operation through 2014 when the operation commenced, Vasily Prozorov, has just made some stunning statements to international media, and has recently escaped to Russia. Moreover, without exaggeration, this is a major blow to the foreign policy positions of Kiev. It is also a very weighty argument for those forces in Europe who want to quickly move the peace process in Ukraine from its present stalemate.

In speaking to journalists, Prozorov's presentation can be summarized with these points:

– Kiev from the very beginning did not plan to resolve the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine by peaceful means

– Kiev initially planned a large number of victims among the
population of Donbass, then they wanted to declare them accomplices of

– In the area of ​​the ATO there are Ukrainian secret prisons (as he called them concentration camps)

– The neo nazi Azov unit also had its secret prisons. This is not Russian propaganda, people were actually killed there.

– Specialists from the USA and the UK prepared a division of
the SBU (Department No. 5) who went to train in the US and abroad to
organize terrorist attacks and sabotage in Donbass

– The Ukrainian side was involved in the Boeing crash of the MH17 flight

The Ukrainian side was involved in the MH17 flight disaster over
Donbass, a former officer of the Ukrainian security service SBU, Vasily
Prozorov, told a news conference on Monday.

"It is my personal opinion and it relies on certain information. The Ukrainian side is an accomplice to the Malaysian MH17 flight disaster," he said.

Please go to FRN to read the entire article.

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