Malaysia serial attacks by zionists?


Toronto Street News: The latest attack on Malaysia that is reported by major media centres around the world concerns the charge that Goldman Sachs charged 600 million dollars in fees for giving a three billion dollar loan that was paid to Malaysian government officials.

This was done simultaneously while Malaysian lost two large jetliners - one that disappeared over the Pacific killing computer programers whose new computer system was then owned by Rothschilds. The second jetliner was shot down by the Ukrainian government. The Ukrainians were also charged with shooting down an Israeli jetliner headed for Siberia in 2004. Following an international air industry investigation based in Montreal, Canada it was considered that Ukraine equipment mistakenly shot down the jetliner.

Further, The King of Malaysia has suddenly abdicated as the new year 2019 came in. It is considered that the king was also involved in the crooked monies paid to Malaysian government officials to destroy the country. Numerous Malaysian officials are either in jail or on the run to other countries.

Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein resigned his position as well since it is considered top Goldman Sachs officials would be cognizant of the 600 million dollar payoff to the bank.

The newly elected prime minister Mathathir Mohamad had been forced out of power years ago following 20 years as an honest leader after creating an international tribunal blaming Israel and Rothchilds as the cause of wars. He was unable to gain a simple member of parliament seat. As the newly restored prime minister of Malaysia he is once again the gainful leader of Malaysia at the amazing age of 93. A recent TV interview showed him appearing to be only 63.