Toronto Star owner asked if police would charge him on our suspicions of 4 arson attacks

When attending the fraudulent Daniel Eustulin lecture blaming current Bilderbergs being nazis I phottogaphed Nelson Thall/Lenny Bloom and a female accompanying him; they duly noticed me. I gave copies of TSN to their associate who claimed to be a reader of TSN which described my burnt out car and suggested Nelson Thall/Lenny Bloom to be accused with former premier Bob Rae my old election graphics customer. Later, while attending the Lee Garden Chinese restaurant Thall was spotted at the rear. I sat at the front with my United Nations investigative reporter now facing the street; behind my back I heard people say: “That’s the guy who was taking the pictures.” I turned around very calm. Recognizing Nelson I said: “Oh, yeah, you’re Mossad.” The three of them thought this was amusing and giggled gently. Thall apparently felt it was somehow complimentary to be acknowledged as a terrorist Mossad agent. Nelson replied: “Bernie Farber (Canadian Jewish Congress) says the same thing.” Explaining my observation I immediately announced: “I have suffered three, no, four arson attacks which included 2 fatalities and two attempts on my life.” No surprise or concern on Nelson Thall’s behalf was elicited at this information. Performing as a legend in his own mind, and in order to purport himself as an innocent person Thall pulled out his by now tiresome claims to fame and said: “I was arrested along with Skolnick in Chicago for talking to Von Bulow about 911 on Toronto radio. I was able to fly to Dallas to pick up the Zapruder film.” (in the Sixties). I replied that I was quite aware: “I was at the Conspiracy Culture lecture where you told the Zapruder video story. I also heard the 2004 VonBulow interview”. Thall would have been about 19 (he has given various dates) at the time as his zionist family probably had the inside info on how to acquire a ‘classified’ bootlegged copy of the film -- CIA tapped Zapruder for the video. Thall asked if I had ever phoned him. I told him: “Yes, I phoned to tell you when you posed as Lenny Bloom on the internet version of the ‘Cloak & Dagger’ program”; I was conned to believe it was an actual expose program; also I told him that: “zionists had infiltrated the CIRC” (the watchdog House of Commons Independent Review of CSIS). Thall ignored this as well apparently not willing to acknowledge the validity of such a fact since I had researched the situation when the government committee debriefed and shuttled to Ottawa about 25 people following the shut-down of the Heritage Front which I personally exposed as a CSIS operation with the result that the head of it outed himself as a CSIS agent -- one Grant Bristol. The Heritage Front was a CSIS information gathering operation to acquire names of racists and anti-zionists in Toronto. Grant Bristol taught various skinhead body-builders and females including Mayor Ford’s oldest sister in the group on how to spy by gaining 4-digit codes people retained by Bell customers to access their stored phone messages on at the time. Thall asked what his connection was with Bob Rae-Cohen/Levine. The connection to Rae was simply that Rae’s had a CSIS position at the time of the Heritage Front; the Toronto Star actually featured criminal Wolfgang Droege holding a Heritage Front flag. When this car was blown up the garage contained papers headlined: Toronto Star A Threat To Canada which also referred to his father’s position as director at the Star when his reporter Mark Gayn (Ginsberg), wanted in the US for spying, posed as a freedom-loving western journalist to interview unfortunate Soviet Union dissidents for their plans, contacts, etc. -- information that was then released to the Communist Party KGB for dissident destruction. This was reason for our suspicions on the source of our professional arson attacks because we also ran front page scandals on Premier Bob Rae-Cohen/Levine for attempts to sell Ontario Hydro to convicted criminals at Enron, etc. Bob Rae was my election graphics and printing customer in the Seventies.. Reading the TSN page which pointed to him and Rae as the persons suspected for ordering car fire and series of arsons, hacked website, hacked email, threats against our advertisers he asked: “What is my connection to Bob Rae?” since I wrote in words around my burnt out car that he shared membership with Bob Rae at Holy Blossom Temple on Bathurst St. I replied: “You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.” Recognizing Toronto Street News is not a mainstream product referring to himself as a Toronto Star honcho now apprehensive as to how many people were able to read the more-than-demeaning item he asked what the police may do since he is described in a Globe & Mail police quote as a dangerous person having conviction for an arsenal and hashish. I agreed TSN was not mainstream compared to the Star but It was capable of touching a nerve.” with the serial arson attacks and repeated near-death hit-and-run attempts on my life as proof. His mind was spinning since in two hours he was 1. photographed at a lecture, 2. read about himself, 3. accompanied by a TSN reader at his elbow, 4. met the photographer/journalist on his way out of the restaurant who openly accused him of Mossad membership. Referring to possible pending police charges due to TSN suspicions I told Thall: “Yes, but the police are afraid of you.” Reassured that no apparent charges were pending at this point he went behind me and sat down to request my business card. As I was dressed somewhat formally he must have assumed I would possess and pass over a card. I told him I do not have a card something he could discover for himself since he no doubt had a copy given to him by his TSN reader “pal”. Working now to be charming and unassuming he insisted that I take his business card which I did with his understanding that I was to call him. The “woman” with him was getting cold feet and wanted to take off rightly knowing I was being courteous, cautious, confident and fearless in being able to tell him to his face he was a suspect person. Nelson maintained his harmless demeanor in spite of the gravity of the exposes in the paper. I did not refer to previous issues that exposed his charges for possession of sniper rifle arsenal, hashish, cocaine in his nasal sniffer or ten year probation not to handle firearms and drugs. His “pal” subsequently emailed me for further info. His plain card says: NELSON THALL Consultant - Media Scientist 416 - 276-1221 SKYPE nelsonthall Henry Makow, author of ‘A Long Way To Go For A Date’ (Philippines) told me he visited him for a weekend when Nelson exposed him to hooker websites. His radio pal Bob Dodds in Hawaii phoned for 90 minutes to try to exonerate his reputation for anal sex and drugs. A lawyer informer who falsely befriended me for 10 years to inform on me to Nelson and zionists told me 2 years ago that Nelson’s sons wanted to sell Star shares losing value. National Post reported the Star’s loss of $1.2 billion having to shut down its daily Guelph Mercury and others, shut down its unionized billion dollar Vaughan printing plant for cheaper suppliers and so forth sending ad jobs out of Canada to Buffalo. Information in this report from FBI and CIA has been truncated due to space. More info is available. - Paul Armstrong for Victor Fletcher