U.S. Syrian Ally Beheads Retarded Child

See picture at: http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/07/20/syria-us-attempts-disassociation-from-its-proxy-psychopaths-after-beheading-of-palestinian-child/

SYRIA: Beheading of Palestinian Child Prompts US to Disassociate from its Proxy Psychopaths JULY 20, 2016 BY VANESSA BEELEY 21st Century Wire says… Horrifying scenes of the beheading of a very young Palestinian boy by the US and UK backed terrorist faction in Syria, Nour-Al-Din Al-Zenki, flooded social media feeds yesterday. The US is scrambling to both disassociate themselves and their proxy murderers from this abhorrent crime. 21WIRE will not post the videos in the report below as they may be too distressing, but they are available in the link to the article. We stress that this footage is graphic and horrific. The Daily Mail report indicates that the child had quite possibly been tortured prior to his crude beheading at the hands of one of the thugs bullying and beating him on film. “Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki is an Islamist rebel group in Syria formed in late 2011 during the Syrian Civil War. Named for Emir of Aleppo Nur ad-Din, the movement was formed in Aleppo to fight against the Syrian Arab Army, and it joined the Army of Mujahideen in the war against the Islamic State. The United States supplied the group with money and BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles during its war against ISIS and the government. In December 2014, it joined the Levant Front and also the Fatah Halab operations room.” ~Daily Mail SEE ALSO: RAY OF HOPE? Finally, A British Newspaper Admits UK Are Backing Terrorists in Syria The child was accused of fighting for the Al Quds Brigade, a pro-Syrian government group of Palestinian resistance fighting alongside the SAA in Syria. This, despite the boy being as young as 11 years old according to some reports. “The child, who is ostensibly under the age of 12, was arrested by Islamist militants fighting for the Turkish-backed Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement for allegedly being a fighter of the Palestinian Liwaa Al Quds (Al-Quds Brigade). Liwaa Al Quds is a pro-government Palestinian paramilitary faction made up of the Palestinians who have been driven out of their homes in the Handarat Camp once Islamist militants took over the neighborhood. Today, the group is fighting alongside the Syrian Army to retake the Camp.” ~ Al Masdar News. This entire incident demonstrates that these US backed “moderate rebels” are nothing more than drug fuelled monsters creating a hell on earth in Syria in the image of their donor’s vision for the region. We cannot disassociate the US coalition from these heinous crimes, they have facilitated and supported them. These terrorist gangs are nothing more than a variation on the CIA outreach organisations, the same function as Blackwater/Academi and DynCorp mercenaries, only transposed onto new legions of Islamo-fascist brutal thugs and killers. The US is deploying the “distance from accountability” stratagem but its not working, their connections and links are no longer obscured and many are waking up to the fact that the crimes carried out by these multi-branded psychopaths are an extension of the pure evil that resides in the White House overworld and CIA underworld. The following report is from Yalla La Barra: “On the morning of July 19, members of the Free Syrian Army faction Nour el-Din Al-Zinki captured a 12 year old boy in Handarat claiming that he was a member of the Palestinian Quds brigade and that he was fighting for Assad. Soon after, two videos appeared online. The first showed them taunting the boy, who seemed injured, in the back of a pick up truck. The second video shows them beheading him. During the beheading, you could hear one of the men telling the one who was doing the deed to be careful not to cut his own hand in the process. You could also hear the group shouting “takbeer” and “Allahu Akbar” several times. After he was done, he raised the boy’s head in the air and his friends go into a another round of takbeers and Allahu akbars. The following is a video of the beheading. It is very graphic and I don’t recommend you watch it. By the early evening, the official facebook page of the Quds Brigade denied that the boy was a fighter and stressed that his identity and origin is not known to them.