Toronto Street News Astrologer predicted NYSE crash!

During a recent Rense radio interview I predicted a market crash -- admittedly not that difficult considering the number of HONEST market observers and numerous famous investor titans such as like Warren Buffet who retreated to cash-only holdings earlier this year.

NYSE crashed 2,000 points below its 2015 average level.

Two astro observations make for the conclusion that Earth's economies will not recover for TWO years.

The world's central bankers and politicians pocketed bonuses and benefits for themselves. World debt obligations are outrageous but bankers and politicians escape without penalty in actual criminal activities -- "too big to jail". World banks have been paying tens of billions of dollars in fines for their institutionalized frauds. Politicians have accepted many millions in "donations" to benefit from publicity provided by the media who also benefit from these fraudulently "earned" banks and politicians. The mass media silence on this situation is deafening! And no one goes to jail.

Economic statistics researched and translated by astrologers predict the Greek financial condition will not begin to be settled for years. As I wrote this, the Greek PM resigned for a snap election before Greeks gain awareness of what he agreed to in 5 am legislature sessions. German-dominated EU (ECB: European Central Bank) daily control of Greece citizenry will be unacceptable and impossible to maintain successfully.

Again, astrology research statistics patterns suggest stock markets will continue to falter for TWO YEARS. Astrologers know of two indicators resulting in reduced stock market volumes: 1. Confused cognitive capabilities and 2. A sense of unease. In the short run until well into October stock purchasers will show fear and trepidation resulting in delay.

Additionally, astrology research statistics show that entrepreneurs will also lack the necessary drive to perform in normal fashion.

Third world countries suffer as their debts are in US dollars. The US currency itself is borrowed into a false sense of security to the point of bankruptcy. The US dollar remains as the world reserve currency only because of emerging economies reducing their currencies in desperate attempts to reduce trade deficits and debt. The US economy looks stable only because it is the best of economic debtor losers in total. The US may plunder these emerging commodity producing countries who must repay debt from their devalued currencies. In a developed country like Canada its own currency has dropped to 75 cents. Third world countries are entering a state of starvation.

It is proposed that the populace will wake up only when they are literally starving.

Sept. 1 NYSE lost 470 points as we predicted extreme voltaility for Sept. 1 and 2.

Future issues will demonstrate Astrology's validity as a proven fact as we will be exposing our trade secrets no doubt already given to some New York stock brokers.. This will involve astrology's current absolute mimicry of previous economic disasters. Unfortunately we appear to be doomed to repeat these but it will mandate new approaches to survive. Or else. is the site resulting from our studies.