Remembering 551Dead Children: Palestine

Witness to Gaza's 551 lost children. Posted: 01 Sep 2015 04:28 AM PDT To support this project please follow By Rowena Tollitt Witness to Gaza's lost 551 children is collecting stories of the lives of the children killed by Israel in their 2014 war against Gaza. Witness to Gaza's lost 551 children is a project to document and record the lives of all the children killed by Israel in their 2014 war against the Gaza Strip. Through witness testimonies, journalists will gather the details of the children's lives. Their names, age, family background, hopes and aspirations and when and how their lives were taken from them. The collated information will then be built into a website in memoriam of the children and also printed as a book to record their lives. The funds received from book sales will go to fund equipment for children disabled in the 2014 war. Funding is needed for journalists expenses in travelling, collecting, recording and storing data. Also for website building. This is an important project to document and record the lives of those children lost to the Israeli war machine. Please help to make it happen by funding "Witness to Gaza's lost 551 children" because those children were not merely numbers or statistics. They had lives like you and I. Mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives. All of whom were affected by the loss of their children. I am asking you all to bear witness on behalf of all those who lost their children. Risks and challenges There are always difficulties living in the Gaza Strip. The threat of a further Israeli invasion, intermittent incursions and the harsh living conditions incurred through years of living under siege. The photographers and journalists involved in the project have all had many years of documenting stories of the lost and injured. They are professionals who want to bring you the stories of the lost children. They are dedicated to preserving the memories of the lives of the lost, ensuring that they are not remembered as numbers but as flesh and blood with a story to tell.

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