Toronto Street News Survived 4 Arson Attacks; 3 attempts on my life by driverless vehicle


A red Mini with white roof twice was involved in night-time high-speed swerves (more than 60 miles an hour) that just missed our vehicle twice in one incident that terrorized my passenger and other 404 highway drivers who were forced to stop in fear. A second daylight incident involved a red Mini with white top appeared in front of me wherein I tried to overtake it. This time, under its control a white van following it swerved in front of us forcing me to also swerve and brake onto the shoulder.

The third incident involved a red Mini with white top involved in an attempted hit-and-run when I was on foot.

Fires, near-death accidents, internet sabotage, threats against advertisers and fried cell phone occurred to form a pattern of attacks within months.

In all three incidents the vehicles made escapes beyond my control.

My salesman survived an arson attack on a Christmas Eve when the fire hydrant across the street had been dutifully shut off. His name and address were available on the net for advertisers enabling his targeting an easy matter for Toronto terrorists -- we know who ordered these 'hits'.

When police asked if we had enemies and we immediately named these high-profile individuals in our newspaper exposes -- current issues related to Nelson Thall/Lenny Bloom and Bob Rae-Cohen -- the police backed off suddenly and asked no more questions as the individuals involved are high-level people allied in publishing and politics.

Nelson Thall (Rosenthal) is 30% owner of the Toronto Star and we reported his anal use of prostitutes, possession of 35 sniper rifle arsenal and hashih, use of cocaine in his puffer to stay awake while on radio.

Bob Rae-Cohen was reported to have a Maoists brother-in-law involved in smuggling Communist Chinese agents into Canada which CSIS has had to warn Canadian corporations here to secure commuters against Chinese espionage spying. Rae-Cohen while running to be relected tried a clever lawyer lie by saying he did not have a Maoist brother-in-law. That was the truth at the time, however I knew both of them when they were both alive. Poor Gary Perly died so Rae was able to deny having a Maoist brother-inlaw helped by his other associate Maurice Strong now hiding out in China.

My website webmaster living in Newmarket went shopping on a Saturday afternoon when he received a cell phone call telling him his house was on fire.

Our office at 145 Broadview Avenue was nearly destroyed by fire when our new Chev Impala parked in the concrete garage at the rear blew up.

Called to the smouldering garage, I walked into the thick smoke but retreated outside in order to return to the rear to open the door and put out the little smouldering fire. Instead, when I stepped out to the side the car blew up with movie-size 10 foot horizontal flame coming out of the doorway from which I had exited seconds before. I retreated to the side of next house and watched the unreality of the dark dawn and silence while this burning drama ensued.

Police, fire marshals and insurance investigators yellow-taped the scenes: "POLICE CRIME SCENE: DO NOT CROSS". No source of fire was ever discovered.

Simultaneously, in this defined pattern of attacks, our website was hacked, my hotmail email of 10 years was hacked and my cell phone was fried in my hand immediately after the first Mini attack incident.

But pictures are worth a thousand words. I'll try to upload a pic of the car.