Toronto Street News Survives! Mainstream Media Lies!

The government and media lies about Russia and Ukraine are incredible!

First of all, Russia did not invade anybody.

Second, the media went quiet on the Malaysian flight that was shot down over Ukraine when it was proven that Ukraine MIGs shot down the plane. It is conjectured that the plane was similar in colours to Putin's own plane.

That was the second time that the Ukrainian military had shot down a jet flying over its land -- in 2004 Ukraine shot down an Israeli passenger jet on its way to Siberia.

Thirdly, the former Russian province of Crimea voted 96% to rejoin the now-Christian Russian nation where its port on the Black Sea had been established 200 years ago. It paid Ukraine $50 million annually to occupy the former province. Immediately, their wages and pensions rose as Crimea celebrated hugely with fireworks.

In 1959, Russian communist atheist Kruschev tacked Crimea onto Ukraine to control it further. Eastern Ukraine is populated with industry run by Russian-speaking people. Kiev ordered Russian to no longer be spoken. If this was in Canada it would be like telling Quebecers they could no longer speak French.

World media outlets lie about these facts.

Worse, Israeli mercenaries shot up protesters and authorities on both sides of the ramparts during the protest against the democratically elected government in order to escalate tensions followed by death threats against the prime minister's family.

With the new military coup leaders in power they released the former convicted blonde PM from jail where she was held for 10 years following the embezzlement of $118 million dollars of state funds. Canada's PM Harper immediately flew over to greet her on her release by the 4 new billionaires; Ukraine's Porochenko is reported not to have made his $15 billion as the 'Chocolate King' but rather with drugs and prostitution.