PM Harper Embarrassment to Canada's Jewish Community

2014 saw Canada's PM Harper exposed for his personal scandalous milieu.

Harper's Jewish children Rachel and Benjamin were permitted to indulge in a drunken teenage party at 24 Sussex.

A teenage girl who had passed out unconscious was left outside the drunken party's premises for an ambulance to rescue her to hospital.

Mainstream media rushed to explain the scandal with the false excuse that this was all an 18th birthday party. In truth, Benjamin was still 17 at the time -- under age for alcohol consumption in Ontario.

4 Suspected Paedophiles

  • PM Harper was further embarrassed by a media report when his little music group pals where he plays piano saw its teacher member convicted for sex assault on one of his students January 2016 and serves prison time for 2 years.

  • Tom Flanagan, former personal guru for Harper and CBC apologist for Harper, originally from the US, was fired from CBC after he indicated his approval for individuals to peruse LAMBA website photos of "Men Loving Boys Loving Men" as their motto goes. He had been a regular spokesman defending the Conservative Party.

  • PM Harper personally appointed Mr. Duffy to the Senate. Senator Duffy was involved in a payoff scandal in the Senate following excessive housing payments.. Previous to this, Frank Magazine (known as a CSIS front) was sued by Duffy for regularly referring to him as the "Puffster" a term used in England referring to men who solicit boys.

  • Cabinet minister Baird as reported by Frank Magazine in the past referred to his cruising of gay bars in Ottawa. His attacks on Russia's Putin for curtailing the freedom to proselytize sex with children shocked Canadians. Russian laws permit an active gay culture. As Canada's foreign minister he would be aware of this fact. Baird's attacks on Russia's foreign policies appears to be influenced by personal prejudices. Russia did not invade Ukraine in spite of repeated falsehoods in international media. Crimea voted 96% to rejoin the now-Christian Russia and celebrated with fireworks.