4th Arson Attack on Toronto Street News


Another arson attack on Toronto Street News staff occurred at Aarne Polli's home resulted in two deaths whose remains are being recovered.

Aarne served as a consultant since the beginning of the paper in July, 1999. In 2014 we discovered Nostradamus named that specific month as a significant world-changing information date!

Aarne's passing constitutes the first death of a Toronto Street News member by arson attack. Aarne had a varied past and came to his senses upon our doorstep and regaled us with a great many experiences. Perhaps he knew too much as he reported a meeting with President Reagan following his exploits. He changed his mind about power politics following the predatory military advances by President Bush as he had fought communism at every opportunity previously. He disdained the narrow left-right construct promoted by the media having learned the world is full of villains of many stripes.

Trained by SS scout leaders he was taught stalking and became an accomplished swimmer. Later, he became a CIA contractor and helped Reagan's invasion of Grenada....

Aarne is missed by his many acquaintances. We regret the loss of political depth we gained from his presence and many exposes of CIA activities. Perhaps why he was made to pass away. We have contacted him in another dimension thanks to a medium.